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Aonir’s light with you, traveller. On this page you will find the latest information on the SpellForce Add-On “Breath of Winter”. We will fill this page with information step by step, so it pays to visit regularly. Of course we will always announce any news on the main page, too.

Screamersback to top

The knowledge about the origin of the screamers was lost with the Circle's archives. Some believe they are a nation that once upon a time came to Eo from the heavens, but has long found its end. The Circle's magic brought these ancient creatures back to light as undead and incorporated then into the armies of the Convocation War. Now the screamers are aimlessly roaming the land, and only a few masters of the dark arts succeed in controlling them.

Skergsback to top

The Skerg and Tar-Skerg rank among the original inhabitants of the dark continent of Urgath. Though not blessed with the mind nor the courage of the nations, the Skerg are kindhearted and hard-working fellows. Due to their weakness and timidity, however, they have easily become slaves for the dark nations. Only a few of them retain their freedom; they are hiding from the slave-drivers of the Dark Ones in the swamps of Urgath.

Wolflingsback to top

The wolf people are descended from the smaller wolflings that can be found in the mountains and caverns all over Eo. From them, the dark elves bred the species of the Lucien, stronger and more eager for knowledge than the primitive wolflings. But the Norcaine could not tame the savagery of these creatures, and now the Lucien roam the country in wild hordes.

Treewraithesback to top

The forests of Urgath have never been places of light, and the millennia of the presence of the Dark Ones has blighted them down to their roots. Here, the tree wraiths, in Fiara still obeying the laws of the forest goddess Elen, are dark creatures filled with rot and viciousness. as is everything in Urgath. They are lurking in the darkness of the forest and in the mists lying over the swamps, and they clasp their victims with gnarled arms, intent on draining their blood.

Crawlersback to top

Many a gruesome variety of otherwise ordinary creatures can be encountered in the steaming swamps of Urgath. Many believe that the crawlers are creatures stemming from a time before there were nations or even dragons. They are vicious and insatiable, and sometimes they poison their victims to stun them, before they sink their claws and fangs into them.

Grarg Slaversback to top

The Grarg are the biggest living tribe of Orks. Their bloodline spans from Fiara over Urgath to their roots in Xu. The power of the Grarg lies more in numbers than in discipline and tactics. Therefore, many of them have become mercenaries or the allies of major military commanders who profit from their ferocious strength. When they are not going to the war, most Grargs make their living principally by trading with slaves. Other Ork tribes scorn them for this occupation, but they earn enough money and influence to steadily increase their sphere of control.

Dragonspawnback to top

The time of dragons is long gone. Only a few of the big lizards are still existing, living in obscurity or lying dormant until their time is come again. The lizards filling the air today are mere shadows of these big animals, with only a fraction of their minds and their majesty still remaining. But the blood of the ancient dragons is still pulsing through their veins, and should these ever rise again, their spawn will rise to their call.

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