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SpellForce 2 Patch available

JoWooD Productions releases an update for SpellForce 2 which solves multiplayer problems as well as the rarely occurring camera bug. The Patch works with SpellForce 2 Dragon Storm and SpellForce 2 Gold.

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JoWooD Productions thanks everyone who helped working on this update, especially the SpellForce players from the official SpellForce board.

Editor & Patch2

Several improvements and additions are included in the latest patch for SpellForce 2 - Shadow Wars. The most interestign feature is of course the editor, which is intended to create own thrilling PvP and free-game maps, the perfect tool for dedicated multiplayer fans.


Changelist multilingual HTML / PDF
SpellForce2_ShadowWars_Editor_myfirstmap [en]

Mirrors: (170MB)
Extreme Players

SpellForce 2: First Patch

The first patch for Shadow Wars is here, improving balancing and game play in multiplayer sessions, but also solving several small problems and known issues. Please take a look at the
Changelist multilingual

Warning!!! The patch is for Euro Version (1.0) only, US Version already contains the fixes described in this patch. Installing the patch on a US version may render the game unplayable!!!

Attention: The patch is available in 3 different versions - take care! For all of those playing the European DVD version with Starforce copy protection system, the patch link called "DVD-Starforce" is the one to choose. If you obtained your game from a download service with Starforce Active Pro protection, us the "Starforce-Active-Pro" patch. And if you play the Spanish version, you`ll need the "DVD-Tages" patch.
Please be sure to download the suitable patch version!

Krawall (German Site, registration needed for D/L)

DVD-Starforce (68MB)
StarForce Pro Active (Online Version - Gamesload) (68MB)
DVD-Tages (56MB)

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